About Landmark Runs

Landmark Runs take an intimate look at neighborhoods and topics especially dear to New Yorkers and runners from around the world.  Landmark Runs are designed to accommodate all runners with paces of 9-12 minutes/mile.  There are often one or more stops every mile for important landmarks and epic views.

Heart of Manhattan


BUS TOUR…NOT!  In three separate runs from Fifth Avenue to the Battery, we take an intimate look at the monumental splendor of New York.  From the glamour of Fifth and Park Avenues to the  romance of Greenwich Village and the historic power of Wall St. 

Heart of Harlem


Harlem has, perhaps, the richest heritage of any neighborhood in the United States. It is one of the most influential neighborhoods in the world. Harlem is also one of the most beautiful running destinations in any American city...if you know where to go.  

Monumental Women


There are 145 public monuments in New York City dedicated to men.  The are five dedicated to women.  This run celebrates these women with a visit to their monuments and many more sites that highlight the contributions woman have made to our City and the world.  

Brooklyn Bridge & Historic Brooklyn


An Epic Run over the Bridge many call the most beautiful in the world. And the neighborhood many call the most beautiful in New York.