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What Is an Epic Run?

Epic Runs are the ideal way to see New York. Runs are fast enough to cover large areas and slow enough to enjoy the sights and vistas along the way. Epic Runs are designed to accommodate a wide range of runners, from fast walkers to fast-paced, long-distance runners. Every Epic Run has been carefully planned to maximize fun and balance enjoyment of an easy run, training of a consistent run and the fascination of a history and culture tour. Guides share historic insights and inside scoops from the Paleozoic Era and 16th Century to last night’s news! EVERY Epic Run includes some of the most fantastic personal photos you will ever get in your running clothes. 

Contacting Tour Guide with Questions or if Late

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Cancellations and Refunds

By Customer: Full refund in event of cancellation 48 hours in advance. Refund provided within 24 hours of cancellation notice. 

To notify Epic of cancellation:

Reply to confirmation email with cancellation -or-

Call xxx-xxx-xxxx -or-

Use contact form on Epic website.

Group tour cancellation requires 72 hour advance cancellation for full refund.

By Epic: Epic seeks to contact customers as far in advance as possible in the event it needs to cancel a running tour and provide refund within 24 hours of cancellation notice. 

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WEATHER - Epic Tours are run in rain, snow, cold and heat. They are, however, cancelled in the events of dangerous running conditions. Epic seeks to contact all runners at least 12 hours in advance in the event a Running Tour must be cancelled. In the event of cancellation, Epic will provide a full refund within 24 hours.  

BAGGAGE - Epic Guides wear a small backpack and can carry small items during your Run. Some runners also bring small backpacks. However, we recommend running without large items. 

BATHROOMS – Convenient bathroom stops are available along most runs over one hour.  We recommend, in all events, taking an extra moment to freshen up before leaving your hotel or home for your run. 

WATER – Epic runs are designed with water stops in mind and most runs include water fountains or other water stops along the way. However, fountains are not always working and runners should consider bringing their own water, especially on hot days. 

GEAR - New York weather can change quickly. Check the weather forecast in advance of your run and dress appropriately. If in doubt, we recommend wearing an extra level.

PACE AND STOPS – Epic Runs go at three main paces:

Landmark Runs are designed to accommodate all runners with paces of 10-12 minutes/mile. There are often one or more stops every mile for important landmarks and epic views.

Long Runs are designed for steady paces of 11 minute miles or faster with limited stops to provide time for water, bathrooms and very special landmarks and photo opportunities.

Private Runs can accommodate ANY pace up you prefer!

TRANSPORTATION – Epic Runs do not always begin at the meeting points. Some runs are designed to take mass transit or shared cars to the run start points and then return to the original meeting point. For example, runs in Brooklyn or Queens might return to a meeting point, such as Columbus Circle.

END POINTS – Most Epic Runs are designed to return to the starting point. Many runs, however, end at different spots. Ends points are almost always close to subway or train stops. In some cases, runs provide for shared rides back to the starting point.

LEAVING THE RUN – Some Epic Runs are designed to go past several subway stops or train stations so that runners can leave when they choose to accommodate their fitness and schedules. It is important to inform your Guide if you are leaving a Run.

KIDS – Kids under 16 are always welcomed at Epic with a 50% discount. However, they must be accompanied by an adult as guardian to sign the Waiver.   

COMPANIONS ON BIKES OR IN JOGGING STROLLERS – Several Epic Runs can accommodate wheeled companions. Check the special notes for your run of interest!

PHOTOS – Epic Runs are designed to find the most picturesque site in every running neighborhood. Some time is planned for photo stops, but we ask that every runner be considerate in maintaining the pace of runs. 

TIPPING THE GUIDE – Never required, but always appreciated!