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Essential Central Park

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The most stunning sites, beautiful vistas and popular landmarks in one of the world's most magnificent parks. Central Park changed cities forever and led to the creation of National Parks around the world. But, why was it built? Who built it when and how? 

Women of Central Park


Central Park led to revolutionary breakthroughs for women in New York and beyond. Visit the landmarks and monuments that convey the challenges and triumphs of women in New York from Victorian times to today.

Majestic Monuments


The designers of Central Park wanted a rural refuge with no monuments at all. But construction on the Park had barely started when magnificent monuments began to appear. This run visits the most momentous monuments from the south end to the center of the Park.

Seneca Village and the Park before the Park


 One of the questions runners ask us most often is, "What was Central Park like before there was a Park?" The surprising answers include one of New York's most important African-American villages.

The Ramble - The Heart of Central Park


Just steps from the center of the Park, a world of secluded landscapes & some of the most spectacular views in New York. Enter a hidden forest of surprising beauty, exquisite nature and challenging runs.

Central Park on the Silver Screen


The greatest movie star in New York? Central Park, of course! The splendor of Central Park has provided the backdrop for movies for over 100 years. Can you name your favorite?

Arches, Bridges & Bridal Paths


  Each one of Central Parks 30+ arches and bridges is a pearl of Victorian design. But, did you know most were built for horses (and the people who ride them!)?

Trails, Summits & Streams


Central Park is 843 acres of nature as beautiful as man can make it.  But some places are more natural than the rest.  Just a few meters from the beaten path are the isolated splendors of an Adirondack retreat.  

Sex, Lies & Secrets


The bucolic splendor of Central Park is there for all to see, but just under the surface lurks a world of romantic intrigue, illicit encounters, tale tales and alarming surprises...if you know where to run.